December 26, 2021

Coffee Oreo Truffles

Chapter Twelve

Stressed Out Evenings

There’s dishes in the sink. The kids need to be picked up from school. You have a work deadline. And now it just dawned on you that you have nothing to take to the party that’s less than 3 hours. You open up your pantry to see a package of oreos, but you’re crushed when you realize you’ve eaten at least ten of them. You have half a block of cream cheese in the fridge and some instant coffee. As you stand there hopelessly, you think this can't possibly work…can it? Well I’m here to tell you it can and in the most delicious way possible. Meet coffee oreo truffles, the no-bake quick and easy dessert that will forever change your stressed out evenings!

These 4 ingredient oreo truffles are seriously amazing, and with the addition of instant coffee they're instantly elevated. And YES you can make this even with half a block of cream cheese, and with less than a full package of oreos. This dessert is the perfect recipe for someone who's short on time and has a half empty pantry.

Coffee- Instant coffee or espresso is perfect for this recipe. Just make sure to completely mix it into the cream cheese so there aren't any chunks of coffee! It’ll take the known and beloved oreo truffles to a new level with the combination of chocolate and coffee!

Oreos- You only need about 22-25 oreos for this recipe. I tried two ways to pulverize the cookies, but the old fashioned way with a rolling pin and a ziploc back is the best!

Cream Cheese- You only need about half a block for this recipe, which makes this recipe so do-able! Just make sure to bring it to room temperature before mixing it with the coffee.

Chocolate- The best chocolate for coating is melting wafers, specifically Ghiradelli’s melting wafers. They help create that effortless snap without tempering and stay hard even in warmer temperatures. However if all you have on hand is regular chocolate it will work just as well, add in a little neutral oil while you're melting and it should go smoothly!

Decoration- I decorated these truffles pretty easily, I topped them with Oreo crumbs and instant coffee powder!

Coffee Oreo Truffles

Meet coffee oreo truffles, the no-bake quick and easy dessert that will forever change your stressed out evenings!


Hira Rehman










  • 22-25 Oreos
  • 4-5 ounces of cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee
  • 1 ½ cup white chocolate
  • 1 ½ cup semi sweet chocolate


  1. Begin by softening your cream cheese and mixing it with your instant coffee or espresso.
  2. Once your oreos are all pulverized add in your coffee cream cheese mixture and rolling them into balls.
  3. Place them in the fridge for up to 30 minutes until they are solidified. Meanwhile melt your chocolates, add a little bit of neutral oil here to help have a smoother melted chocolate but it might take a little longer to harden because of this!
  4. Coat your chocolates with a fork, tapping to rid of the excess, decorate and place onto a parchment paper to let them harden! Enjoy!

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